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Formula 3 experience
  • Experience and Test Drive a formula 3 includes video | Italy

    Experience the adrenaline-pumping sensation of driving a Formula car.

    Feel like a race driver for a day and you will see that your life will not be the same as before.

    Run on the track in a Formula 3 type DALLARA F308 with VW Audi engine in one of the most fascinating and legendary tracks in Italy and Europe.

    Experience and Test Drive a formula car


    Import note:

    Only for experienced drivers who have already done laps with a Formula. If you have never done laps with a Formula you can take a racing course with us on a Formula 4. More info here


    The car you are about to drive took 2nd place in the last race of the Italian Formula 3 Championship | F2000 Trophy. It is a Powerful car and we ask you to always follow with full responsibility and respect.

    You are with us to have fun


    price including car rental and the 'Racing in Italy' racing team


    Our Race Tracks:

    • Cremona Circuit
    • Tazio Nuvolari circuit
    • Imola Race Track
    • National Autodrome of Monza
    • Vallelunga Race Track
    • Misano World Circuit
    • Redbull Ring (A)
    • Hockenheim ring (G)


    If you wish to drive in other circuits, please see the Track day with Formula 3 product.


    You will take a session of approximately 20 min on a real racing car. You are just one step away from a Formula 1.

    you will see from your helmet the images that see Hamilton and Verstapen, adrenaline is at the top now, start your engine and lets go ...

    All our experiences include a video with telemetry and LIVE transmission.


    Our qualified racing team will guide you with the help of telemetry and you can see your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

    We will teach you to be more professional and improve your qualities.

    Our team is made up of highly qualified race mechanics and engineers with many years of experience in formula and racing car racing

    We suggest to those inexperienced to take our racing course first and then join us in this activity.

    Please see our calendar for available dates and circuits.


    The experience includes:

    • Full mechanical support including motor control and safety
    • Engineering - engine improvement and car steup for you.
    • Professional team assistance for any error correction
    • Practical racing course - teaching and helping drivers to understand the circuit and the trajectory
    • Telemetry / data analysis and driving improvement
    • Theoretical sports driving course conducted by professional drivers
    • Car and track briefing
    • Helmets with microphone
    • Race gloves and suit
    • Onboard video including telemetry data
    • Transponder and lap timing equipment
    • Fuel included
    • Transportation of the racing car
    • Our Race Team

    Not included are:

    • Your transport to the place
    • Your Accommodation
    • Your meals, except the ones indicated
    • Driver insurance 
    • Car Insurance 

    Our qualified racing team, will guide you with the help of telemetry and you can see your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

    We will teach you to be more professional and improve your qualities.



    • Cars are subject to be changed according to the availability at that day
    • Deposit of €10,000 is required. In case of an accident maximum to be detected is this sum. International visitor you must declare at your country that you will be participating in a motorsport event that it is not timed or registered. In most of the countries no need for extra charge but in some a different type of insurance is provided.
    • We offer a full coverage insurance by GULLWING.COM (to be discussed with them directly)

    • We run the cars also in light and heavy weather condition and according to the regulation of the race organization.
    • Cancelation will be available 2 weeks before the last day of registration according to the organization regulation
    • You can ask for the regulation to be sent to you by email at
    • License assistance is available for the price of €1700

    Participant level

    Recommended only for those who have already driven a Formula. We can do a racing course the day before and numerous training sessions on the day of the race. In any case, the drivers must drive according to their abilities.


    If you buy this experience as a gift, write YES on the order page and the desired day.

    Then fill out this voucher

    We can also supply trophies and gadgets (caps, stikers, pens, usb etc…). Look at our site

    • Dates and Tracks available

      Our Race Tracks:

      Cremona Circuit -Almost every Tuesday
      Circuito Tazio Nuvolari - Almost every Wednesday

    • Formula 3 DALLARA F308 - Technical sheet

      Rear-wheel Drive

      Engine - 2.0 liter inline 4, 16 valves

      Weight - 465 Kg

      0-100 km / h: less than 2.0 sec.

      Power - 245hp @ 8200 rpm

      Gearbox - paddle shifter - Drexler, sequential, 6-speed + rear, clutch

      Brakes - Disc

      Tires- Pirelli Front-S210-20 / 54-13 9 "x 13", Rear 22 / 54-13 10.5 "X 13"

      Front suspension - double pushrod shock absorber

      Rear suspension - double pushrod shock absorber

      Frame - carbon sandwich with AL / Nomextm FIA honeycomb

      Sparco steering wheel with Bosch Motorsport F1 type

      Telemetry - Bosch Motorsport 

      45 liter tank (FIA FT3-Norm approved)

      Dimensions (mm) - L - 4264, L 1835, H- 950

    990,00 €Precio
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