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How to become a Race Driver

I. First you need to hold a race license

How to receive and hold a FIA race license ?

Process in Italy ( similar in all European countries)

  1. In most cases you will need to get a signed reference paper from the organization that organize the championship. Time to receive it - immediate

  2. Set appointment in a clinic or hospital for a brain check – EEG. Time to receive it – 1-4 weeks

  3. Set appointment in a medical center for medical certificate for AUTOMOBILISMO VELOCITÀ. Time to receive it – immediate

  4. Set appointment with your regional FIA party in your country (in Italy ACI SPORT). Be prepared with documents such as: ID card, Social security card, medical certificate, in case of minor both parents need to be presented and a race course certificate taken by FIA party (ACI SPORT).


If you need references for the organization, clinic or regional ACI SPORT , please contact us

II. You need to get some practice

Once you have a race license, you need to get some practice. You need a Racing course and Track Days

Racing course will give you the basic understanding of the car and technique used by race driver to go faster and safer. While it may seem easy , to control a car with extreme good power to weight ratio, is not an easy task at all.

You don't need much, just to understand the theory, the rules, safety and danger in order for you to start to gain confident and drive fast.
It is not necessary but extremely recommended 

a one day course is recommended 


III. You need Track Days

Now its about time to gain experience and become better. You need Track Days 

In order to do that you need to do Track Days on your selected category and as many as possible.

Track days will give you the confident and the experience to learn about the race tracks, the car and most important your behavior and style of driving. 

each circuit is different, there are many types of corners , many road conditions that you will need to learn in order for you to be ready for a race.

We recommend at least 6 months of training before getting into a race track for a real race.

of course you can do it before but if you want to be competitive you need experience and knowledge. (This is of course if you don't have previous experience) 

IV. Let's Race

Now you are ready to race. 

Also on this stage you need to learn the rules of race weekend, briefing , how to start , how to lap, how to improve, how to overtake, how to defend. This you will be able to gain and learn with a good  racing team that will support you and teach you all of the above.

a well prepared team can make a lot of different , first by means of your experience and second by results 

We are here obviously to assist and support by any means, levels and stage.

You can write to us on email or WhatsApp us for any question 

You may choose your future Racing course / Race Track Day or Race weekend with us from the products below

We are waiting to host you in any of our events.

How Much it costs to be a Formula 1 Race Driver

The Road to Formula 1

  • Go Kart – Karting – From 25K-100K (local championship to world championship)

  • F4 Italian Championship – 250K

  • F3 Italian Championship– 500K

  • F3 World Championship | GP3 – 1M

  • F2 World Championship | GP2 – 5M

Racing Courses & Track Days

Races and Racing Services

Race Flags significate 

Black Racing Flag

BLACK Car that is disqualified Ind with car number If its your number, you must go back to the pitlane/box

Blue Flag Race

BLUE Let the car behind overpass you

checker flag race

CHECKER FLAG End of the session or the Race

orange black race flag

BLACK ORANGE Car with technical problem Ind with car number If its your number, you must stop the car immediately

Yellow strip Race Flag


yellow race flag

YELLOW Danger , Slow down, Now overpassing !

white race flag

WHITE Slow vehicle on Track

red racing flag

RED Temporarily End of the session or Race for danger issues You must go back to the pitlane/box

Black and white race flag

BLACK AND WHITE Car that is been notify before disqualified Ind with car number If its your number, pay attention and behave

green race flag

GREEN All Clear, Danger off, also in race start

number one sign

NUMBER 1 SIGN 1 lap to go

fcy full course yellow

FULL COURCE YELLOW Yellow flag all over the track , reduce to 80km/h , no overpassing Safety car probably will enter soon

sc safety car on track racing sign

Safety Car on Track no overpassing, you may speed up till 120km/h to catch the car

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