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The Alfa Romeo Museum has been completely renovated and is even more prestigious. The historical site in Arese has a new look and will be open to public with a refined arrangement that reflects Alfa Romeo's distinctive DNA

Historic cars Museum BRESCIA

The Mille Miglia, or thousand miles, was an endurance race that was organized 24 times between 1927 and 1957. Participants raced with their Gran Turismo cars over the open roads of northern Italy from Brescia to Rome and back on an 8-shaped route.

The museum has a collection of almost 200 cars 

A tour in the museum and in the track, if you need help making an appointment contact us , we will be glad to assist.


Via Chiabrera 20
10126 Torino

Giorni e orari di visita:tutte le domeniche10:00 - 19:00orario contiuatoINGRESSO GRATUIT

Collezione Pininfarina

Telefono: 011/9438111

Via Nazionale 30
10020 Cambiano


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Historic and new cars near Rome

Police car museum near Rome

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Museo Ferrari  is a Ferrari company museum dedicated to the Ferrari sports car marque

First one is

Second is

Lamborghini Museum (2 Museums)

New & Historic cars Near Bologna


Opened in 2001, the two-storey museum is attached to the Lamborghini factory, and covers the history of Lamborghini cars


 The museum holds just about everything Ferruccio achieved during his life with most of the cars on display being from Ferruccio's own private museum.

This is a unique museum of historic Mazerati racing cars Please note that this museum opens only by invitation , call before you come! The Collection is open by appointment only during the months of March, April, May, June, July, September and October. OPENING TIMES TO THE PUBLIC: From Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm Saturdays from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm Closed on Sundays.



Via Corletto Sud, 320, 41123 Modena MO, Italy

This is a private museum of historic cars

Please note that this museum opens only by invitation, call before you come!

Call Roberta Righini

Tel 051-733309

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Ferrari in Movies

 -  250: Vanilla Sky, Get Smart,  Tower Heist – Colpo ad alto livello,  Charlie’s Angels più che mai;
-  275: Fuori in 60 secondi, È ricca, la sposo e l'ammazzo; 
- 246: Attenti a quei due, Caramelle da uno sconosciuto;
- 330: Sapore di Mare 2;
- 365 Daytona: Miami Vice;
- F40: Natale a New York, Fuori in 60 secondi, Caccia Mortale, Simpson, Profumo di Donna;
- 308: Magnum P.I., The Clan, Ricky e Barabba,  La Corsa più Pazza del Mondo;
- 328 gts: Berverly Hills Cop II, Natale in India, The Goog Night, Nikita;
- Mondial: Profumo di donna, Sognando la California;
- Testarossa: Miami Vice, Beverly Hills (serie tv), Fuori in 60 secondi,  Yuppies – I Giovani di Successo;
- 512: The Wolf of Wall Street, Fuori in 60 secondi;
- 348: Sabrina, Vacanze di Natale ’90, In questo Mondo di Ladri;
- 355: Goldeneye, Fuori in 60 secondi, Fast & Furious, The Rock;
- 550: The Family Man, Bad Boys II, Fast Lane, Fuori in 60 secondi, Commissario Montalbano;
- 575:  XXX, Bad Boys II, Suits;
- 360: XXX, Smallville, Fast & Furious, Commissario Montalbano;
- Enzo: Charlie’s Angels più che mai; Cars, Miami Vice (nuova serie), Fast & Furious, CSI;
- California: Vacanze di Natale a Cortina, Sleepless, Una Ferrari per Due,  Hawaii Five - O, Baciati dalla Fortuna, Killers;
- 599: Suits;
- F50 e 612 Scaglietti: Natale a New York;
- FF: The Counselor;
- 458: Queen of the south, Arrow, Lupin III, Ballers,  Orange is The New Black,
- 488: Magnum P.I. (nuova serie)

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