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Rally Racing Course on Asphalt or Dirt | Italy
  • Rally Racing Course on Asphalt or Dirt | Italy

    SKU: CR109

    Rally experience on asphalt, Dirt or on an Ice track

    Come have fun with our rally racing cars on the most fun tracks in northern Italy.
    You will be a race driver for a day with our race cars prepared for competitions.
    choose between asphalt or dirt experience.

    Cars available:

    • Fiesta 1.0 turbo
    • Peugeot 208
    • Mini Cooper S


    Experience Included:

    • Onboard video including telemetry data
    • Racing course conducted by professional race drivers
    • 1 experience lap on auxiliary car to view the track with a qualified race driver.
    • 4 sessions of 20min during the day
    • Fuel included
    • Car insurance included
    • All taxes, fees and management fees


    Experience duration- about 6-7 hours.


      Try it in the Race Tracks of:

      Castelletto Circuit (PV), Our home track - Asphalt
      Adria raceway (RO) - Asphalt
      Varano Race Track (PR) - Asphalt
      Autocross San Polo d'Enza Drake Circuit (RE) - Dirt
      Autocross Badia Calavena slope (VR) - Dirt
      Corte Aquileia slope - Cereta di Volta Mantovana (MN) - Dirt
      Autocross Gonars track - Udine (UD) - Dirt

      You will receive a briefing on the track rules and on the car.

      There will be a driving course for you to amplify your experience and make it more fun. Race lines, braking points, turning points, rope points and exits will be presented to you in theory and on the track itself. How and where to brake, how, where and when to change and when to accelerate.

      1 lap on an auxiliary vehicle for you and your companions will show you the circuit.

      You will then be able to manage the car for the next laps, with an instructor alongside, implementing what you learned in the theoretical session.


      Our Race Tracks

      Racing in Italy Raceway (PV), Our home track - We can host you almost every day. 
      Adria raceway (RO) - Asphalt, Autodromo di Varano (PR) - Asphalt, Autocross San Polo d'Enza Drake Circuit (RE) - Terra, Autocross Badia Calavena Track (VR) - Terra, Corte Aquileia Track - Certa di Volta Mantovana ( MN) - Terra, Autocross Gonars Track - Udine (UD) - Terra, - we can host you only on dedicated days. please send an email or message to know the dates or look at our calendar. 

      If you buy this experience as a good gift, write YES on the order page and the desired day.

      Then fill in this voucher

      We can also provide trophies and gadgets (hats, stikers, pens, USB etc ...). Look at our website



      • Don't forget to bring your driving license and comfortable shoes

      • Experience and courses adapt to men and women

      • The course level will be according to the person's wishes and abilities

      • Where applicable, it also adapts to children under 18 as a co-pilot.

      • Maximum height 190 cm

      • Maximum weight 100 kg

      • We will not be able to host you in case of adverse weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain or frozen track. If so, we may postpone the service to another day or a full refund will be returned. We also run cars on days of light rain and fog. 

      • Cars Available

        FORD RS2

        Motore Tecnologia Turbo EcoBoost Ford 999cc. 12 valvole, 3 cilindri in linea. Testa in lega e blocco di ferro.

        Trasmissione Nuovo cambio sequenziale a cinque velocità Sadev con differenziale autobloccante limitato.

        Freni Controllo elettronico del fermo. 3 possibile impostazione di rampe differenziali (23/57) (27/57) (32/77). Frizione a disco piatto AP Racing.

        Calibri da competizione Alcon. Dischi anteriori ventilati AP Racing (ghiaia 285mm, Tarmac 310mm). Dischi solidi posteriori Alcon 280mm. Freno di stazionamento idraulico con cilindro principale Alcon.

        Sospensioni Nuovi ammortizzatori regolabili Reiger con molle Eibach. Anteriore a 3 vie, posteriore a 2 vie regolabile. Molle opzionali (rigide / morbide). Barra antirollio opzionale (rigida / morbida).

        Dimensioni Lunghezza 4065 mm, larghezza 1735 mm, passaruota 2490 mm, peso minimo 1030 kg.

        Ruote OZ Racing – Gravel 6×15 ” / Tarmac 6,5×16 ” / 5 mozzi.


        Peugeot 208 R2 

        Motore Tipo EP6C, cilindrata 1598 cc, alesaggio/corsa 77 x 85,8 mm, potenza max 185 CV a 7.800 giri/min, coppia max 119 m. daN a 6.300 giri/min, alimentazione iniezione diretta Magneti Marelli, monofarfalla motorizzata

        Trasmissione  cambio sequenziale a 5 marce con comando meccanico e 3 coppie finali di omologate, differenziale autobloccante con rampa precaricata, frizione Monodisco ceramico-metallico da 184 mm con comando idraulico

        Freni  anteriori a disco flottante ventilato diam. 310 x 30 mm (asfalto) o diam. 285 x 26 mm (terra), pinza Alcon a 4 pistoncini a fissaggio radiale, posteriori a disco pieno diam. 290 x 8 mm, pinza Alcon a 2 pistoncini a fissaggio radiale, freno a mano idraulico, servosterzo idraulico

        Sospensioni anteriore pseudo McPherson con barre antirollio intercambiabii (3 tipi) e triangoli specifici con uniball, posteriore ponte ad H rinforzato e modificato con barre antirollio intercambiabili (3 tipi), ammortizzatori ant e post-specifici Ohlins a 3 vie con supporto idraulico regolabii

        Telaio struttura scocca rinforzata con rollbar saldato a norme FIA, pesi a norma FIA

        Dimensioni 1030 kg a vuoto, 1180kg con equipaggio a vuoto, ripartizione pesi 64% ant, 36% post

        lunghezza/larghezza 3962/1739 mm, passo 2538 mm, carreggiate ant/post 1475/1470 mm

        Ruote cerchio/gomme asfalto: 6,5 x 16, 17/60-16, terra: 6 x 15, 16/6-15

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