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Motorcycle Racing Course near Milan | Italy
  • Motorcycle Racing Course near Milan | Italy

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    Feel the emotions of driving a sport bike on an Italian race track

    Feel like valentino Rossi speeding up the Race Track

    Learn the basic from a professional race motorcycle driver 

    Full Day of a racing course with a professional instructor for beginners and advance biker.


    Course Includes:

    • Theoretical Race Course
    • Technical briefing on the sport bike
    • 6 to 7 sessions of 20 min
    • Debriefing with video
    • Rental of a sport bike
    • Rental of Race suit, gloves and boots.
    • Lunch.
    • Photo coverage included
    • Onboard camera


    Time in the track premises – 6-7 hours

    You will receive a briefing on the track rules.

    There will be a driving course for you to amplify your experience and make it more fun. Race lines, braking points, turning points, clipping points and exits will be presented to you in theory and on the track itself. How and where to brake, how, where and when to change and when to accelerate.

    You will then be able to manage the bike for the next laps, implementing what you learned in the theoretical session.


    You will learn:

    • How to use the race line
    • How to bank the bike
    • How to control the bike
    • How to brake safely
    • How to anticipate obstacles


    Subject to availability ( we run 4/5 times a month ). Please contact us for certain days before booking.


    Our Race Tracks

    Racing in Italy Race Track (PV) Our home track- For begginers and advanced bikers. We can host you only on dedicated days. please send an email or message to know the dates or look at our calendar. 
    Cremona Circuit (CR) - Mostly for advanced bikers. We can host you only on dedicated days. please send an email or message to know the dates or look at our calendar. 


    • Don't forget to bring your driving license and a sports driving suit, boots, gloves.
    • Experience and courses adapt to men and women
    • The course level will be according to the person's wishes and abilities
    • We will not be able to serve you in case of adverse weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain or frozen track. If so, we may postpone the service to another day or a full refund will be returned. We also run on foggy days.
    • For security purposes we rent bikes only as part of the race course.
    • Deposit and Participate in case of an accident - €900


    Watch the video of how this Course looks like


    If you buy this experience as a good gift, write YES on the order page and the desired day.

    Then fill in this voucher

    We can also provide trophies and gadgets (hats, stikers, pens, USB etc ...). Look at our website


    • Calendar 2024

















      CREMONA (MI)








      Mugello (FI)



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