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Participate in 1000 Miglia 2020 Race 13.05.20 - 16.05.19
  • Participate in 1000 Miglia 2020 Race 13.05.20 - 16.05.19

    This is a once in a year opportunity to be a part of the famous and glorious race in the world - The 1000 Miglia !

    Be a part of it as participant !!! with our selection of historic cars and our trained staff.

    Don’t miss out


    Tentative Program

    Start: Firenze-Scandicci 9:30am
    42 km (via Lastra a Signa-Artimino-Carmignano)
    Stop: Vinci 11:00/11:30
    20 km
    Stop: Montecatini 12:00/12:30
    14 km
    Stop: Pistoia 12:50/14:00 lunch time
    21 km
    Stop: Prato 14:30/14:45
    23 km
    Arrival: Firenze-Scandicci 15:30


    Total Km: ~ 120

    Duration: ~ 6 hours


    Experience Including:

    • 1 day with the selected car 
    • 120Km of race driving. Possibility to extend to 200Km
    • Full mechanic support including engine and safety control
    • Engineering – improving engines and body setting (when applicable)
    • Practical racing course - Teaching and helping the drivers to understand the circuit and trajectory.
    • Theoretical Racing course
    • Briefing
    • Transportation from Milan
    • Helmets 
    • Racing gloves
    • Onboard camera.
    • Tour Leader 
    • Car Insurances
    • Registration 


    See list of cars to choose from 


    Need more info? Write us an email or phone/whatsapp us at +39-328-5969-126

    • About Our Racing Team

      We have many years of experience in motor racing.

      From go-karts to street and rally cars championship in Italy

      With drivers kids of 6 years old till 50!

      ​Our team is built from passionate individuals with many years of experience in the motor sport industry including racing, teaching, building and analyzing racing cars. 

      Our chief instructor has acquired his foundations of racing at the most famous racing school of Jim Russell at Donington Park, England.

      Our team of mechanics and instructors has many races experience in Italy and England in many categories from Rally, Street racing, Formula and more...

    • Important Notes

      • Min 1 and Max 8 people per event
      • Cars are subject to be changed according to the availability at that day
      • Deposit of €2,000 is required. In case of an accident maximum to be detected is this sum. International visitor you must declare at your country that you will be participating in a motorsport event that it is not timed or registered. In most of the countries no need for extra charge but in some a different type of insurance is provided.
      • We run the cars also in light and heavy weather condition and according to the regulation of the race organization.
      • Cancelation will be available 2 weeks before the last day of registration according to the organization regulation
      • You can ask for the regulation to be sent to you by email at
    • List Of Cars

      Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto convertible € 1,500

      Fiat 124 Spider convertible €1,500
      Mercedes SL380 convertible €1,800
      Morgan 4/4 1.6 convertible red color €2,000
      Morgan 4/4 1.6 convertible green color €2,000
      Jaguar XJS 4.0 convertible €2,200
      Porsche 911 Carrera convertible €2,200
      Ferrari F348TS spider €2,500

    1.500,00 €Precio
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