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Mei Shibi Fund for F1 | Support my way to Formula 1
  • Mei Shibi Fund for F1 | Support my way to Formula 1

    Dear People

    My name is Mei Shibi, I am 16 year old , I study at the Leonardo da vinci institute of languages hi school in Vigevano which is close to Milan.

    I have raced almost all my life, since I was 6 years old. Its my passion, its my air, I like it so much and it gives taste to my life.  My dream obviously is to be a Formula 1 race driver!

    I have finished 3rd in my second season of racing

    Each year the training and the level of competition is getting harder. I find myself in greater challenge physically and mentally.

    This year I have stared the Formula 4 championship in Italy and it is going well. the first race I have finished in 6th position.

    Due to COVID situation we had many obstacles during the season in which financially I couldn’t start it correctly with full force. I now in a situation that i have to finish the season if I wish next year to go on to the next level of F3.

    I am asking you any kind of support to be able to finish this season.

    I need 5,000 euro to at least be competitive in order to finish the last 2 races of the season .

    i need the money for race equipment , for costs of tyers , technical assistance, race admission , FIA approval and renewal of my race license.

    In return I can post your names or company logo on my Instagram and Facebook and on the car itself.

    All the races are broadcast live on Facebook via SKY SPORT channel , on SKY cables and on YouTube channels, there are many viewers on each race we have.

    see more on here

    The one that will invest more than 1,000 euro I can mention your name in one of the interview I do on TV.

    I thank you so much for your time and effort

    Mei Shibi

    Race Driver 75

      10,00 €Precio
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