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Karting | Go-Kart Incentive event
  • Karting | Go-Kart Incentive event | Professional Course and Race | Milan | Italy

    Have you ever wanted to participate in a real race but didn’t had the budget or correct team to do it ?

    Well you found the correct team with reasonable budget ))


    The Price is for 1 person/Session, please choose quantity of min 5 people / sessions


    Professional training and briefing conducted by professional race drivers.

    possibility also to race with professional race driver who drivers for the Italian championship formula 4 , formula 3 and others categories.


    We can host mostly in weekdays from 16.00 at a karting race track not far from Milan. Open door international professional race track of about 1km.


    Are you ready for the next challenge ???


    Get set , you will be asked for the briefing room ,where the regulation of the track will be explained, also race training including the race line, braking points and additional info that will help you to take the max from the go-kart.

    You will be seated in a performance go-kart* that do 90/120kmh…you will do a training session of about 10min that will be flowed by debriefing. After you will do a 10min qualifying session, in which we will set you up on the grid by the best time lap.


    And then …lights off and the way we go….the race!

    You will compete with your family members or friends for 10min, with all the thrill and excitement in it.


    *Depend on the level of participant may choose between a 4strock 270cc Honda or a Rotax 125cc 2 strocks.


    Experience Included:

    • Onboard video including telemetry data

    • Theoretical sports driving course conducted by professional drivers

    • 10 laps Kart Practice

    • 10 laps  Kart Qualifying

    • 10 laps Kart Race


    Total 30 laps or 30 min of actual driving.

    Min of 5 people


    • Fuel included

    • Circuit fees included

    • Car insurance included

    • All taxes, fees and management fees

    • Helmets and gloves


    What’s Not Included

    • Hotel pick-up and drop off
    • Any extras
    • Extra laps



    To race in the local championship for go-kart with PRO RACE DRIVERS and WITHOUT a race license…

    Calendar of the local races:

    1  -  26/03/23          6  -  09/07/23 2  -  16/04/23          7  -  10/09/23
    3  -  07/05/23          8  -  15/10/23
    4  -  28/05/23          9  -  29/10/23
    5  -  18/06/23        10 -  12/11/23

      200,00 €Precio
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