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AC Milan Football Club - VIP Packs

AC Milan Football Club - VIP Packs

Package Includes

  • Parking for one car at CORPORATE A, close to the entrance gate
  • 1 Seat at the VIP sponsor grandstand at the middle of the court (Tribuna Rossa) , first raw on a comfortable leather couch and LCD screen
  • 1 Bracelet to enter the food lounge and to the wine bar. (Dinner or Lunch)
  • Tasting dishes of the 2 Michelin stars Chef Mr. Enrico Bartolini
  • Tasting wines from the La Collina vinery
  • Dedicated hostess
  • 3 laps on a Ferrari 458 on a Race Track , inc Hotel Transfer, Onboard Video and a racing course.



  • Camp Guided Tour.
  • Museum visit ( not in all matches)
  • Visit to the Locker rooms ( no guaranteeto see the players )
  • Hotel transport – Round trip ( hotel, camp, hotel, race track)


Starting From €1,700


Available on AC Milan Home Court Match

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